The Spider Queen is the first boss that is encountered in the Mistymire Forest: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 1.

Purple Eternia Shard

Like every boss, the Spider Queen has a weakness. While all damage sources deal significantly less damage than their original amount (amount of damage reduction varies with each difficulty setting), it is possible to increase damage done by attacking her crystal core when it is exposed. You can cause her to expose the crystal by killing the spiders she summons.

Defeating the Spider Queen will unlock the Purple Eternia Shard.

Apprentice and Squire towers can be physically pushed around by the Spider Queen, however Huntress traps and Monk auras will not move.


  • Melee Attacks - Attacks with her two front claws on the character or tower she is focused on. Can be dodged by the player and will hit multiple target if more than one is in the way.
  • Web Spraying - shoots 3 webs in a frontal cone in front of her, can be dodged, will hit players and towers.
  • Spider Spawning - Spawns several little spiders on the ground around her. Number seems dependent on number of players.
  • Damage Vulnerability (Crystal Exposure) - Killing her spawned spiders causes her to expose her front, causing her to slump to the ground, exposing the crystal on the front. Hitting her on the front can do extra damage.
  • At half health she will gain a red glow, speeding up animations and increasing damage.
  • She also seems to have a semi-random agro mechanics. It seems that whatever she targets, be it a player or a defence, will be her main focus until either it dies, or she just randombly changes of targets suddenly after a couple of minutes. Major Hero/Tower DPS dosnt seems to agro her like the other bosses.

Nightmare HP

Note that she also seems to regenerate health on NM difficulty.

Players HP (Millions)
1 51
2 56
3 74
4 123


DD - Boss fight Spider queen

DD - Boss fight Spider queen

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