Spike Blockade is a Squire / Countess tower used for barricades. It has the most health of all hero towers, and can slightly damage enemies that come near its spikes. The Spike Blockade is most useful when the party wishes to block off a bottleneck or protect another tower. It is also 30% larger than the Apprentice Magic Blockade. In terms of damage, the Spike Blockade is not very efficient, and in most cases the Squire's other towers will do a much better job of killing. However, because it by far has the most hit points of any blockade, it is a very effective line of defense when supported by other towers.

The squire's tower range and tower attack rate stats do not affect the spike blockade. The maximum range at which a unit can be damaged is 2.25, and a unit can only be damage once every 0.4 sec.

Upgrade Table

Level Health Damage Upgrade Cost Mana Invested
Base 1000 43 N/A 30
TowerUpgraded 1 1250 84 100 130
TowerUpgraded 2 1450 129 200 330
TowerUpgraded 3 1700 210 400 730
TowerUpgraded 4 2100 305 700 1430
TowerUpgraded 5 2500 418 1220 2650
  • Upgrading a hero defense increases its damage by 10% each level, and its health, lifespan or detonation count by 20% (a level 5 defense will deal 50% more damage and have 100% more health than a defense with no upgrades).
  • On the other hand, upgrading a hero defense will mean that it acts as if the Hero has a higher Defense Area of Effect and Defense Attack Rate. A level 1 turret gets a bonus of +2 to all stats, while a level 5 turret gets +36.
  • While the hero who summoned the tower is active, its damage is increased by 33% (PC).
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