The Squire is a warrior hero class. He is one of the four original heroes in Dungeon Defenders. He has the highest base health of all hero classes, but the slowest movement speed.

Official Description

A brave knight‐in‐training, the Squire upholds the honor and nobility of his kingdom with every slice of his blade. Building defenses of brute force and limited range, the Squire prefers melee weapons as his instruments of justice. Bludgeoning spikes and whirling blades unleash the rage he bestows upon his foes.


The Squire utilizes physical defenses that deal generic, non-elemental damage. All except the Harpoon Turret have a good amount of health to withstand grounded foes, however they lack attack range and cannot reliably hit flying enemies. This makes them vulnerable to being destroyed or crippled by the four Nightmare enemies.

Spike Blockade.png
Spike Blockade – A reinforced blockade that is sure to cause a sharp pain to enemies who touch it. Costs 3 defense units.
Bouncer Blockade.png
Bouncer Blockade – This spiked blockade thrusts enemies back with ferocious force. Costs 4 defense units.
Harpoon Turret.png
Harpoon Turret – Penetrating its foes, this turret launches deadly arrows that damage rows of enemies at a time. Costs 6 defense units.
Bowling Ball Turret.png
Bowling Ball Turret – This stationary turret launches steel balls that bounce off of enemies and surfaces within its sights. Costs 7 defense units.
Slice N Dice Blockade.png
Slice N Dice Blockade – This monumental blockade takes time to spin up, but it quickly cuts down waves of enemies with its whirling blades. Costs 8 defense units.
Mortar Turret (Redux Only) – Rains powerful bombs onto enemies from a short firing range. Costs 8 defense units.


Circle Slice.png
Circular Slice – Unleash a devastating 360‐degree circular assault against all enemies around you. This spin attacks hits twice and has a 3-second cooldown.
Blood Rage.png
Blood Rage – Rage courses through your veins causing you to dramatically enhance your speed and damage while active. This ability drains the Squire's mana very quickly while active.
Blade Vortex (Redux Only) – Spinning blades are deployed on the ground to damage all enemies that come near.

Weapon Skills

General Damage.png
Melee Combo – A four‐hit combo with each attack dealing more damage and reaching further than the previous one except the last swing.
Blocking Resistance.png
Block – The Squire raises his guard to protect against frontal attacks, drastically reducing the damage he takes from them. However, he cannot move or attack while blocking.

Squire's Costumes

Redux Costumes

  • Super Legendary Crystal Knight


While Squire/Countess weapons can spawn with over-capped 100% Damage Reduction when blocking, they do not allow the user to heal off of blocked attacks.


  • In the game's source code, a hidden function to auto-create characters was made, with 1 class for each class, the name for the Squire class character is "SirDave," found in DunDefHeroManager.uc.
  • It appears that the Squire is in his underwear in his overall appearance. The Tavernkeep insists that someone should buy him some pants. The unlockable costume "Pants" gives the Squire leggings armor.

Gameplay Trailer

File:Dungeon Defenders Squire Trailer


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