The Squire Guardian is a type of Familiar. It improves the damage resistance of one or more nearby hero defenses.

  • The number of defenses it may boost at a given time may only be upgraded once every 10 pet levels, up to a maximum of 5 defenses.
  • Improved defenses will gain a small but noticeable sparkle.

Damage Reduction Formula

DamageTaken = IncomingDamage / sqrt(BoostAmount)

With a maximum boost squire guardian (40), affected towers will take ~16% of the damage they would normally take.

When combined with other means of damage reduction (Strength Drain Auras, buff beams, and the Initiate's Enemy Drain), the damage defenses recieve can be reduced to under 3% (?)


  • Acquired by completing The Summit on Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty as a Squire.
  • Increased chance of being found in the Tavern Shop after completing The Ramparts on at least medium difficulty.
  • Defense will be boosted in Pure Strategy mode.


  • Originally an Event for iOS users that lost their save file via the 4.2 update. Those who submitted an application got one of the 4 Guardian Heroes.
  • Tegra 2 device exclusive.

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