Strength Drain Aura
Strength Drain Aura

The Strength Drain Aura reduces the damage inflicted both to towers and players by monsters within its range to the percentage shown. It costs 60 mana and 5 DU. As of patch 7.30 (PC), Strength Drain Auras also temporarily remove elemental affinity of any enemies within its range.

This aura is generally not required on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties where tower health is sufficiently high; on earlier levels there are usually far better uses of 5 Defense Units. On Insane or Nightmare difficulty, however, this aura can protect melee range towers such as Spike Blockade, Bouncer Blockade and Slice N Dice Blockade from the stronger monsters.

Upgrade Table

Level Health Effective Range Enemy Strength Mana To Upgrade
Base 140 3.77 67% 60
TowerUpgraded 1 168 4.55 55% 100
TowerUpgraded 2 189 5.07 49% 200
TowerUpgraded 3 215 5.70 44% 400
TowerUpgraded 4 238 6.22 40% 700
TowerUpgraded 5 260 6.70 37% 1220
  • Upgrading a hero defense increases its damage by 10% each level, and its health, aura lifespan or trap detonation charge number by 20% each level. (A level 5 defense will deal 50% more damage and have 100% more health than an un-upgraded defense).
  • On the other hand, upgrading a hero defense will mean that it acts as if the Hero has a higher Defense Area of Effect and Defense Attack Rate. A level 1 turret has a bonus of 2 to all stats, while a level 5 turret has a bonus of 36 to all stats.
  • While the hero who summoned the tower is active, damage is increased by 33% (PC).
  • Current as of PC version: 7.36c.
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