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The Summoner, also known as the Necromancer, is an additional hero class that is available as part of the Summoner Hero DLC. He was released for PC on 23 May 2012. There are no future plans for a console release. It is priced (not including sales) at $3.99 USD on Steam.[1]

The Summoner cannot use any weapons. Instead, he can equip two pets, many of which will attack enemies near him.

Promotional Description

A mysterious visitor from the Crystalline dimension, the Summoner has decided to wage his own personal war across Etheria for reasons unknown! With TWO Pets by his side, the Summoner can form Minions out of sentient crystal, and build an army to follow his every command.
By entering Overlord Mode, the Summoner can retreat at any time to his Crystalline realm, to supervise his Real Time Strategy from an omniscient top-down perspective.
As he selects units and issues a variety of orders, the Summoner exercises supreme tactical control over his troops and his team's Defenses. Furthermore, his Flash Heal ability instantly Heals all allied units and Defenses within a radius, and the Summoner's Phase Shift ability can move his ghostly avatar around the physical realm while remaining immaterial and unseen by enemies. For the master strategist seeking to pull the strings from above, or the brave commander ready to personally lead his army into battle, the Summoner is an essential addition to the team!

Summon Minions and MU

The Summoner can call upon crystalline versions of enemies to serve as minions. These defenses cost Minion Units (MU), a resource separate and independent from Defense Units (DU). The MU capacity is always equal to the DU capacity on any given map.

  • Spiderminionicon.png
    Spider Minion - Summons a crystalline Spider to the battlefield. Flings webs at nearby enemies, slowing them down and doubling all damage they receive. (5 MU, 80 Mana)
  • Orcminionicon.png
    Orc Minion - Summons a crystalline Orc to the battlefield. Swings an axe horizontally at melee range, cleaving through enemies. (6 MU, 140 Mana)
  • Mageminionicon.png
    Mage Minion - Summons a crystalline Dark Elf Mage to the battlefield. Casts fireballs and periodically heals themselves and other nearby minions, as well as heroes. (7 MU, 180 Mana)
  • Ogreminionicon.png
    Ogre Minion - Summons a crystalline Ogre to the battlefield. Crushes enemies within melee range and occasionally fires poison snot balls from a distance. (13 MU, 600 Mana (400 in Redux))


  • FlashHeal Wheel.png Flash Heal (150 Mana) - The Summoner releases a wave of healing ethereal energy. This heals all defenses and allies in range, including himself, by a percent of their respective max HP.
  • PhaseShift Wheel.png Phase Shift - Transports the Summoner to the Crystalline Dimension, rendering him immaterial in the physical world. He is able to move through enemies and defenses on the battlefield; enemies will not target him nor be able to damage him and the power does not consume mana. While he can issue orders and use tower-related abilities, his pets cannot attack nor can he collect mana.
  • Hovering
    • By keeping the jump button held down after reaching the height of his jump, the Summoner can hover above ground for up to 15 seconds. If he hovers against an incline or a slope, he will scale up/down it.
  • SummonKobold Wheel.png Summon Kobold (100 Mana, 35-second cooldown, Redux Only) - Summons a Kobold Minion to blow up on enemies for massive fire damage. Scales with Hero Damage.
  • PetBoost Wheel.png Pet Boost (15 Mana, 15-second cooldown, Redux Only) - Greatly increases the attack damage and speed of the Summoner's pets while active. Scales with Hero Damage.


The Summoner's four tower stats increase the effectiveness of his summoned minions. His first ability slot is replaced with a fifth summon stat: Minion Movement Speed. The second ability stat slot is for his Flash Heal activated ability.

Minion Commands

The Summoner can command his units on the battlefield, where he is able to select units and issue them a variety of orders. Minions hold defensive by default when they are first summoned.

To issue orders to minions, left click (by default) to select minions in a circle then right click to access the CommandMain Wheel.png Command Wheel. A Summoner can control minions summoned by other Summoners.

  • CommandHoldDefensive Wheel.png Hold Defensive (Default) - Attacks enemies without moving (except for warriors which run up to enemies in a small radius around them).
  • CommandHoldOffensive Wheel.png Hold Offensive - Attacks enemies from a large radius of their current position. Returns to idle position when are no enemies to attack.
  • CommandFollowTarget Wheel.png Follow Target - Follows a non-enemy target the Summoner chooses, such as a single minion or another player.
  • AttackTarget Wheel.png Attack Target - Attacks a single enemy the Summoner chooses.
  • CommandMoveDefensive Wheel.png Move Defensive - Moves to a given location, then holds defensive upon reaching it.
  • CommandMoveOffensive Wheel.png Move Offensive - Moves to a given location, then holds offensive upon reaching it.
  • CommandFollow Wheel.png Follow Me - Follows the commanding Summoner.
  • SelectAllUnits Wheel.png Select All Units
  • DeSelectUnits Wheel.png Deselect All Units

Overlord Mode

RTS Mode Wheel.png Main article: Overlord Mode

The Summoner can leave the field of battle entirely to enter a full-on RTS style 'Overlord Mode.' Activating this mode will also force the Summoner to activate Phase Shift, rendering him immaterial to enemies and defenses, but is unable to collect mana or use his pets.

While in this mode, the player can pan the overhead camera to anywhere on the map with WASD, by moving their mouse pointer towards the edge of the screen or by clicking a point on the opened map (holding Left Shift by default). The player can swiftly move the camera when holding Alt.

They can call out to wherever their mouse pointer is (default [C]), drag-select minions, summon minions or upgrade, repair, or sell defenses (including minions). Casting Flash Heal will heal around the player's cursor.

Summoner's Costumes


  • The Summoner cannot equip any class-specific pets such as Animi.
  • If the Summoner equips a Genie, it will collect mana from attacks performed by a secondary pet.
  • Sharken are unable to push minions, making them a great alternative to traditional walls/blockades. However, they can be pushed by some bosses. If this happens to those commanded to hold defensive, they will try to return to their original position(s).
  • If a minion gets stuck for too long while following a target, they will change to hold defensive around their current position.
  • When all the players in a game are Summoners, opened chests and killed enemies will only drop armor or accessories. Higher quality armor is more likely to drop in Survival Mode this way.
  • In The King's Game, Summoners can activate Phase Shift to step over and trigger shimmering tiles without getting attacked.


  • Preliminary concept art for both the Jester and Summoner was released in late 2011.
  • Though he is not in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and is unlikely to return in said installment, players who complete the tutorial for the first time will receive an equippable mask of this hero.


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