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The Summoner is an additional hero class that is available as part of the Summoner Hero DLC. It was released for the PC on 23 May 2012. There are no future plans for a console release. It is priced (not including sales) at $3.99 USD on Steam.[1]

Promotional Description

A mysterious visitor from the Crystalline dimension, the Summoner has decided to wage his own personal war across Etheria for reasons unknown! With TWO Pets by his side, the Summoner can form Minions out of sentient crystal, and build an army to follow his every command.

By entering Overlord Mode, the Summoner can retreat at any time to his Crystalline realm, to supervise his Real Time Strategy from an omniscient top-down perspective.

As he selects units and issues a variety of orders, the Summoner exercises supreme tactical control over his troops and his team's Defenses. Furthermore, his Flash Heal ability instantly Heals all allied units and Defenses within a radius, and the Summoner's Phase Shift ability can move his ghostly avatar around the physical realm while remaining immaterial and unseen by enemies. For the master strategist seeking to pull the strings from above, or the brave commander ready to personally lead his army into battle, the Summoner is an essential addition to the team!



Summon Minions

The Summoner can also call upon the following creep types (in uber-powered Crystalline variants) which vary in their cost of Minion Units (MU). These minions can be upgraded and buffed as with any Defense.

Minion Units

Each summoned minion costs a set number of Minion Units (MU). The maximum number of MU available is equivalent to the maximum number of Defense Units for any give map (i.e Glitterhelm Caverns has a maximum of 165 MU and 165 DU). All Summoners in a match share the MU between them; each player does not have their own MU count. Each summoned minion is marked by a colored icon hovering over its head indicating its current combat stance.


  • Flash Heal - When activated, the Summoner can send a wave of healing ethereal energy to his trusty minions and to nearby hero defenses. When in Overlord Mode, this power only affects his minions.
  • Phase Shift - Transports the Summoner to the Crystalline Dimension and renders him immaterial in the physical world. He’ll be able to move through objects on the battlefield, enemies will not target him nor be able to damage him, and the power does not consume mana. While he can issue orders and use tower-related abilities, his pets can't attack or collect mana when in this mode.


The Summoner is unable to attack and does not use weapons, but can equip two familiars to accompany him into battle.


The Summoner can levitate above the ground for up to 15 seconds, similar to the Ranger's Outlander Costume.


The Summoner has 4 upgradeable 'Summons' stats (minion health, damage, range and attack speed) which increase the effectiveness of his summoned minions. In addition, his two ability stats are replaced by a fifth upgradeable Minion Movement Speed stat and his Flash Heal Ability.

Minion Commands

The Summoner can command his units on the field, where he is able to drag-select units and issue them a variety of commands, such as:

  • Hold Position Defensive
  • Hold Position Offensive
  • Follow Target
  • Attack Atarget
  • Move Defensive
  • Move Offensive
  • Follow Me
  • Select All Units
  • Deselect All Units

To issue orders to the minions, left click (by default) to select minions then right click to access the command wheel. Also note that a Summoner can control minions summoned by other Summoners.

Overlord Mode

Main article: Overlord Mode

The Summoner can leave the field of battle entirely to enter a full-on RTS style 'Overlord Mode.' Activating this mode will force the player to activate their Phase Shift ability.

When in this mode the player will call out (Default C) at their mouse pointer, be able to click on the map (Default holding left shift) to move the camera and be able to swiftly move the camera by holding alt.

Also, Genie and Djiinlet pets will not generate mana for the player when in this mode as any other familiars won't attack.

Summoner's Costumes


  • The Summoner cannot equip any class-specific familiars such as the Animi.
  • DPS familiars equipped were presumably nerfed in order to prevent DPS unbalancing (i.e. by doubling up on high damage dealing Familiars such as the Cowboy Monkey and Seahorse).
  • If the Summoner equips a Genie, the Genie will collect Mana from attacks performed by a second pet.
  • In The King's Game summoners can activate Phase Shift to step over the tiles without getting attacked.


  • Preliminary concept art for both the Jester and Summoner was released in late 2011.


  • The Summoner uses his book to summon Crystalline variants of enemies to do his bidding.

  • The Summoner uses his book to summon Crystalline variants of enemies to do his bidding.

  • The Summoner uses his Flash Heal ability to heal multiple minions and nearby defenses.

  • The Summoner uses his Phase Shift ability to render him immaterial in the physical world.

  • An Eternia Crystal-filled Dimension.
    Speculated homeworld of the Summoner and current location of the heroes' parents.

  • Screenshot of overlord mode user interface
  • Summoner with four different minionsGo to summoner with four different minions
  • Original Sketch Art

Usage Guide & Overview

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