Survival Mode is unlocked after you beat the map in campaign mode. It increases the number of Combat Phases to at least 25 for all mission maps. Survival Mode can be played on any difficulty, provided you have unlocked it first for that difficulty. Additional options of Mix Mode and Hardcore Mode is available for a greater challenge and better item drops.

A mission-specific familiar is rewarded once wave 14 is completed. The Giraffe on Treadmill familiar is rewarded after finishing the map (currently wave 25 for campaign levels, 30 for shards levels, 35 for Karathiki Jungle and Moraggo Desert Town).


  • As of PC Patch 7.28, Survival/Pure Strategy Mode now lets you start on any wave you have previously beaten. To get a pet reward for reaching wave 15 you need to start on wave 13.
  • To accommodate for starting on later waves, players still receive correspondingly more mana from the first-wave chests to utilize for the initial building.


  • On the PS3, survival mode will randomly crash, usually between waves 16 and 20, with increasing likelihood as the waves get higher. Trendy stated that stability has improved with the 7th February 2012 patch.[1]


  • Maximum of 30 waves.

Related Achievements

  • Iron Man - Reached Survival Wave 10 on >= Insane Difficulty
  • Survivalist - Reached Survival Wave 15 on >= Medium Difficulty
  • Tough Guy - Reached Survival Wave 15 on >= Hard Difficulty
  • Thick Skin - Reached Survival Wave 20 on >= Medium Difficulty

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