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Trendy Entertainment released a special Dungeon Defenders version for devices with the Tegra SOC (System On a Chip) dubbed Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe, some exclusives are gained by having a Tegra powered device.


  • Added Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe HD content for Tegra 2 powered devices!
  • The Deluxe HD content includes new Tegra-exclusive missions, enemies, bosses, pets, and weapons -- for the ultimate mobile Dungeon Defenders experience!
  • This includes Guardian Hero pets, which were exclusive to those iOS players who lost their Hero's to the 4.2 update.
  • The Tegra 2 is a 1 GHz processor based on the ARM architecture that's quickly becoming the new standard in high end phones and tablets.
  • nVidia's Kal-El SOC (planned), has been declared to be 16 times more powerful than Tegra 2.
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