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The Greater Turkey Hunt! is a challenge similar to the Great Turkey Hunt, in that the goal is to hunt down all the turkeys within each wave's time limit. It takes place in Karathiki Jungle which supports up to six players at once. According to the Steam global achievements stats as of May 2020, clearing this challenge on Nightmare is the least accomplished requirement for Ultimate Defender.

In addition to Dark Elf Warriors, djinns, spiders, and evil heroes will spawn. The players' weapon projectiles also have reduced range. On the final wave, eight Mega Turkeys will spawn in the northern half of the map. There is no time limit during the boss fight.


Each player will receive two random Thanksgiving-themed accessories for completing the challenge.


  • It might be better off to play with less people than more, since every additional participant multiplies the total number of turkeys to kill.
  • If you wish to add idle heroes for more accessories after the final wave, place them inside a Healing Aura or equip a fairy to one of them to keep everyone alive.
  • A Jester with a The BF Drill can quickly hunt down the turkeys without the need to aim precisely. However, the drill's bright green explosions can blind the player's vision.
    • The same hero can carry a different weapon to defeat the 8 Mega Turkeys on the final wave.
  • The Adept's Purity Bomb can blast many turkeys at once, even those behind walls.
  • The Harpoon pet's high projectile speed and fire rate allows it to effectively hit-scan and kill any turkeys close to the hero.
  • Lightning Towers can zap the turkeys not immune to lightning. Placing them at the map's center (in front of the forge) will maximize their coverage.
    • They will also distract the evil heroes from pursuing players. Occasional repairs will be required to keep the LT's alive which can be reduced with a Strength Drain Aura.
  • Warriors and Archer Minions can kill turkeys the moment they spawn around them. However, ally warriors may get stuck permanently or even fall off the map.


Greater Turkey Hunter:

Nightmare Greater Turkey Hunter:

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