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The King's Game is a bonus campaign map that was released on August 8th, 2012, as part of the Jester Hero Class DLC. It was available as a free download until August 22nd.

Completing this map on any difficulty will unlock the Fool costume for the Jester.


The terrain features large tiled black-and-white checker board patterns. Eleven of these tiles have a light shimmer moving across them. If a hero steps on one these tiles during the combat phase, it activates a randomly-selected event in a manner similar to the Jester's Wheel o' Fortuna ability.

The locations of these tiles are fixed (four on the top floors, three on the middle floors and four on the bottom floors).

When an event is activated, all players in the game receive a light blue message describing its effects, and usually a sound effect related to those effects. The character activating is also given a decorative visual effect whose color relates to the type of event.

Tile Event Summary

*The event "Defense Units Increased!" can only happen once. Afterwards, the chances for all other events are slightly higher.

Message Effect Chance Chance (after DU+)
You Have Mana! Give all players 1,000 mana 18.08% 19.65%
All Players Healed! Heals all players 19.98% 21.72%
Defenses: Upgraded! Upgrades all towers to level 5 0.50% 0.54%
Ouch! Damages all players by 20% of current health 9.99% 10.86%
Some Enemies Have Been Killed! Instantly kills 15% of enemies 7.99% 8.69%
Up, Up, And Away! Players are immediately launched upwards 7.99% 8.69%
Slow Motion Activated! Temporarily lowers game speed to 25% 7.99% 8.69%
Jump Height Temporarily Increased! Increases player jump height for 10 seconds 9.49% 10.31%
Defense Units Increased! Raises Defense Unit cap to 125 7.99% -
Core Health Partially Restored! Heals cores by 500 health 5.00% 5.43%
All (enemy) Killed! Kills a selected enemy type 5.00% 5.43%

Tile Event Details

The events "You Have Mana!", "Jump Height Temporarily Increased!" and "Core Health Partially Restored!" are self-explanatory and have no details worthy of note.


All Players Healed!

For practical purposes all active characters are healed fully. Its literal effect is to heal by 1,000,000 health, so it is possible for an extremely high-health character with heavy injuries to not be fully healed by this event.


Defenses: Upgraded!

Instantly upgrades all defenses present to their highest level (5). Defenses built after this happens are not affected. This event can still happen when there are no more defenses to upgrade.



A damage event is triggered for all players that reduce their current health by 20%. Summoners who are in Phase Shift at the time of this event's activation do not receive damage.


Some Enemies Have Been Killed!

15% of the enemies present on the map are killed, with no distinction for enemy type. This is comparable to the Jester Wheel o' Fortuna roll "Kill pct of Enemies".


Up, Up, And Away!

All characters' vertical momentum is set to a very large number, effectively catapulting them upwards. This presents a hazard in players being launched off the map either by activating a tile at top speed or by being unfortunately positioned when another player triggers the event.

Two of the eleven tiles are placed under a sloped ceiling. These can be traps to players who step on them and this event happens.


Slow Motion Activated!

All player, tower and enemy movement and attacks are slowed over time until reaching a speed of 25% normal. A short time later, they increase over time until reaching normal speed. Overall this effect lasts about 14 seconds (confirmation needed).

This event is comparable to the Jester Wheel o' Fortuna skill "Slow Motion".


Defense Units Increased!

The Defense Unit limit is set to 125, which is an increase of 10 as the map starts with 115. As it is tied to the same value, Minion Units are set to 125 as well.

This event is unique in that it cannot happen twice. If the game's random number generator results in this event after it has already transpired, it will repeat the process until a different event is selected. This means that once this event has happened, all other events become proportionally more likely.

The usefulness of additional Defense and Minion Units combined with the reasonable chance of getting this event after stepping on tiles 9-10 times on average means that campaign builds for this map traditionally use 125 units rather than 115.


All (enemy) Killed!

One enemy type is selected from a list and all enemies of that type are instantly killed. Usually the event description displayed on-screen declares which enemy this is while a sound effect of that enemy dying is played.

Of the enemy types available, all are equally likely to be selected. If there are no enemies alive of that type, nothing happens. However, the event still provides the announcement and sound effect of that enemy dying though none exist.

The enemy types available differs by difficulty; the four Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards enemies are all able to be selected in Nightmare, none of which appear in other difficulties.

Enemy type Easy to Insane Nightmare
Dark Elf Warriors Yes Yes
Ogres Yes Yes
Spiders No Yes
Djinn No Yes
Sharken No Yes
Goblin Copters No Yes

A bug with the script for this event means that if Dark Elf Warriors or Ogres are selected in Nightmare, the event description message is not displayed. However the sound effect of that enemy type dying and the visual effect around the character that activated the tile are still shown.


  • During development, community input was taken into consideration. Dead link
  • Winning King's Game's last wave as a Jester or Summoner gives you a random class weapon.


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