The Tinkerer's Lab is a bonus map that supports up to six (6) players. It is situated in the islands of Sky City, in the mysterious Laboratory of Tinkerer, creator of the Series EV.

Goblin Copters on this map carry mini-ogres which can damage Eternia Crystals.

Tinkerer's Lab Panel


The map features conveyor belts which affects the movement of both heroes and enemies. They will carry otherwise stationary entities. Defenses cannot be placed on the conveyors, but beams can cross over them. There are also elevators only heroes can use; these are marked on the mini-map as orange squares with diagonal whites and a white boarder. Defenses cannot be placed on the conveyors or elevators


Tinkerer's Perfection (sword) and Blaster Rifle

Survival Mode


  • The Tinkerer's Lab on Nightmare Hardcore Campaign is one of the fastest ways to level up heroes in the game. Each hero can earn over 70 million exp. per run.
  • The fenced enclosure above an elevator shaft is a relatively safe AFK spot. Only ogre snot balls and Djinn magic can realistically hit players in there.


Map Details

Challenge: Lab Assault

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