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The Tomb of Etheria is a Lost Quest challenge map that was added with the final update prior to Redux.

Waves on this map are divided into parts. Players cannot build any defenses for the first three waves.


The first three waves consist of artificial bosses alongside a finite number of enemies, including poison Harbingers. Players must defend a single Eternia Crystal without any defenses. A Demon Lord spawns on the first wave, two stationary Goblin Mechs on the second, and a stationary Genie King on the third wave. After clearing the three waves outdoors, the tomb door opens.

For the rest of the mission, players can summon defenses again. Enemies will spawn inside the tomb and attack its two crystals. The interior gets increasingly more complex overtime, opening more enemy spawn points and routes to reach either crystal.

During the final wave, a supersized Goblin or Orc may occasionally spawn next to an Eternia Crystal. Hero abilities are forced to deactivate every 20 seconds.






  • On the first and third waves, stay near the core until all of the enemies that can damage Eternia Crystals are dead. Prioritize any Ogres turned golden by the Genie King's Baby Djinn.
  • For the second wave, quickly destroy the Goblin Mech west of the core first. If you are one of the slower-moving heroes (the Super Legendary Monk for example), it is generally better to tank the mechs' melee attacks as opposed to trying to dodge its homing rockets. A mech will pause firing rockets when it is about to perform a spin attack.
  • If you build auras next to the upper crystal inside the tomb and touching an upgraded Tower Buff Beam, they can cover the lower core as well.

Speed running

  • Stockpile at least one of your builders with the bountiful amount of mana the bosses drop in order build faster once you can enter the tomb.
  • After your team beats the third wave, you can intentionally kill yourself to respawn by the tomb's forge, saving you time from walking down the long corridor.
  • If you and a partner have a Tower Booster Monk, take turns boosting on the last wave.
    • Some Monk players may say, "cd" (cooldown) when their boost shuts off, but the other Monk can also tell when they need to activate their Tower Boost by the absence of all of the ability's visual cues: the overhead tower icon and the yellow sparkles coming from boosted defenses.
  • Guardians are a great 100% persistent alternative to Tower Boost for all waves in the tomb.


  • The Tomb of Etheria and all of its exclusive rewards are themed after Ancient Egypt.
  • This map was originally released on the Steam Workshop for users to download and play on Open.

Version History

  • CDT Update 7 - Introduced.
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