The Tower Stack Glitch allows players to place several of the same tower on one spot (i.e. stack). It can be used to summon where the hero is standing or summon from any distance, even offscreen.


Press the respective hotkey for placing a tower and Left Click/Press the A button/Press the X button almost immediately after pressing the hotkey.


  • Works on PC (may have been fixed in recent updates), PS3 and possibly the Xbox.
  • Only works with placing physical hero towers / minions / presents (i.e. does not work with Huntress/Ranger traps or Monk/Initiate auras. Series EV beams can be stacked one end at a time; both ends can't overlap.)
  • Use the + and - keys to cycle between the Towers when you want to upgrade them to specific levels


  • Dubble Cannon, Dubble Power!
  • 6...I think? Isn't it beautiful!
  • 2 Harpoon Turrets Stacked on eachother
  • Apprentice Towers got eachothers backs
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