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Transcendent Survivalist is an achievement that is unlocked by reaching wave 25 on every original campaign mission (from The Deeper Well to Glitterhelm Caverns) and the DLC campaign mission City in the Cliffs, on Nightmare difficulty with the Survival Mode option enabled.

To unlock Survival Mode for each map, players must first complete the campaign mission itself. Completing the campaign mission on a given difficulty unlocks Survival for all the ≤ difficulties.



  • When playing in another player's game you will need to return to your own tavern after completing all the campaign maps for this achievement to be unlocked.
  • The City in the Cliffs Mission Pack or DLC containing the original Bounty Hunter Costume is required to unlock this achievement.
  • Players can join another player's hosted match and have them skip to wave 25, lose that wave, and still get the achievement.
  • Also, once you have got the achievement, you will have to return to your tavern and restart the game to see it

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