A Trap is a hero defense type utilized by both the Huntress and Ranger. Unlike other hero defenses, traps have a limited number of detonation charges. Once a trap runs out of charges it disappears, similar to an aura's health degeneration.

Traps are non-physical hero defenses which cannot be directly destroyed by enemies. They typically feature a delayed detonation and reset time. For more strategic gameplay, traps can also be manually detonated by players using the Detonate action.


  • The number of detonation charges is determined by Defense Health.
  • The effectiveness of a trap (stun duration, elemental removal duration or damage value) is determined by Defense Base Damage.
  • The detonation radius is determined by Defense Area of Effect.
  • The trap reset time between detonations is determined by Defense Attack Rate.
  • Two of the same trap cannot be placed with their detection areas overlapping each other. Although, it is possible to make the traps overlap by building/upgrading Tower Buff Beams after placing the traps.
  • The detonation range of traps can be adjusted with the +/- keys during placement. A smaller detonation circle may be more efficient to maximizing the amount of enemies affected per detonation, but a fast enemies will be more likely to get passed the trap.
  • Djinns are able to destroy traps.
  • All traps except Gas Traps can affect wyverns, but only Ethereal Spike Traps are able to detect them.
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