The Treadmill on a Treadmill is a familiar rewarded for completing the hidden puzzle in the Moonbase and then finishing the map on Nightmare difficulty.

The Treadmill on a Treadmill does not have any offensive or defensive stats. However, it provides a much larger increase to stats than most other Familiars. It also boosts the hero's movement speed by a considerable amount.

Stats on the Treadmill on a Treadmill can be upgraded up to 700, but can spawn at up to 800.

Unlock Conditions

  • Map difficulty must be on nightmare.
  • Players must score exactly 42 points on the Dance Dance Revolution minigame.
  • Players must touch the fish bowl.
  • If the above conditions are met, the pet will be rewarded upon successful completion of the map.


  • To score 42 on Dance Dance Revolution, select the blue difficulty and get a score of 65 without missing any, then miss one or more. Next, hit exactly one more arrow and allow the rest to miss.

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