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A demonstration of an active Turtle Stance


The Barbarian's Turtle Stance costs 20 mana to activate and continues to drain mana at an increasing rate over time. Turtle Stance is unlocked at level 40.

Upon activation, a green transparent circle forms around the Barbarian, slowing him down to 10% of his speed and reducing his jump height and his damage slightly. As long as the stance is active, the Barbarian will receive reduced damage from enemies.

This stance can be paired with Siphon Stance if a hero is low on health and attempting to heal while defending an area.

Increasing the level raises the amount of time the stance can be used before mana consumption exponential factor kicks in.



  • 7.16: Introduced with Barbarian hero class.
  • 7.16c: Turtle Stance now makes Barbarian immune to Spider web projectiles and other stunning attacks.

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