The Unlikely Allies challenge takes place in the Foundries and Forges map and exchanges the Eternia Crystal for a friendly Ogre. Players must defend the Ogre as he moves to attack nearby monsters. Similar to the Goblin Mech, the Ogre can push around towers, beams and blockades by walking into them.


Some other useful tips may include:

  • Upgrade the central lane more than the others, because it spawns most enemies there.
  • Focus down ogres as soon as they come out because your ogre will go after them.
  • Don't hesitate to kill any creatures attacking the ogre because they will do a significant amount of damage to him if not taken care of.
  • Using a wall-piercing weapon on the Huntress or Ranger like the Soul Focuser is very helpful because it let's you shoot through walls and the enemies here don't have that much health, also makes it pretty easy to solo on insane.
  • Don't build the blockades too close to the spawn points, or the Dark Elf Archers will damage the blockades from the doorway.
  • An alternative to the central lane upgrade is 3x3 Bouncer Blockades, across each entrance, and then a harpoon turret, fully upgraded ASAP at the left and right sides while you act as 'mobile harpoon turret' in the central area.
  • Be careful of archers getting stuck in spawn and destroying blockades from there, but when it happens, use the time to repair/upgrade/collect.


  • This map is available in the demo and full version of the game.
  • In the Dungeon Defenders Demo you can only play the challenge on Easy or Medium Difficulty.
  • By finishing this challenge on Medium in the Demo of the game, you will obtain the trophy for "Unlikely Allies on Medium difficulty or harder".
  • Finishing this challenge on Medium in the Demo will award you with the Ogre Safety Razor .

Recommended Level: 20 Challenge Information
Foundries and Forge
Number of Crystals Number of Waves
N/A 7
Defense Units Starting Mana
45 200
Hazards Mana Per Round
Lava 160
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard DarkElfArcherIconHard OrcIconHard KoboldIconHard WyvernIconHard FishWyvernIconNightmare DarkElfMageIconHard DarkElfWarriorIconHard SpiderIconHard DjinnIconNightmare SharkenIcon OgreIconHard
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
N/A Ogre Safety Razor Ogre Safety Razor Ogre's Childhood Toy Ogre's Childhood Toy
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
N/A Ogre Safety Razor Ogre Safety Razor Ogre's Childhood Toy N/A


Place squire blockades on the large steps close to the front of enemy spawns, accompanied by an Apprentice's Fireball Towers, a Monk's auras or some Squire Bowling Ball Turrets. Be careful, as the last 2 waves spawn enemy Ogres at the central spawn point.

Alternative Strategy

  • Wave 2: During the Build Phase, switch to your Apprentice and build Fireball Towers on the edge of the upper platforms so they fire down upon where the auras are. Switch to your DPS character for the Combat Phase.
  • When the enemy Ogres arrive on the last 2 waves get them into the auras and attack them in there. It takes a lot of time for them to execute their attacks within the Ensnare Auras, making them very easy to kill.
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