• Ltearth

    Featured Content Voting?

    January 4, 2012 by Ltearth

    Would you guys for featured content or new features? I am just figuring out what things people would like to see on the Wiki! Leave a comment and let me know!

    Update: I am working on some very cool coding for large pages. Stick around to see it! Read more >
  • Ltearth

    Spiders and Their Queens!

    December 19, 2011 by Ltearth

    Hey there guys! Make sure you check out the new DLC and find those shards! Also enjoy the new map Mistymire Forest as well as the new boss and ! Happy defending!

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  • Ltearth

    Sex Counterparts Revealed!

    November 19, 2011 by Ltearth

    The four sex counterparts have finally been revealed!

    We have the Ranger, Adept, Initiate, and the revealed yesterday the Countess!

    Her description is as followed.

    "A proud Etherian warrior of noble descent, the Countess can more than hold her own against the great warriors of the realm. Though she favors brute force melee combat, she still has increased mobility over her male counterpart. Though she can be stubborn at times, her distinct combat abilities ensure that she'll never back down from a fight!"

    The best thing is that JDanford, Community Manager over at Trendy Entertainment Official Forums, states that they will be released next week! In the mean time let's keep defending those crystals!

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  • Ltearth

    Dungeon Defenders Digest written by JDanford from the Official Dungeon Defenders Forums. You can view the original post here.

    Something incredible is happening and it is ALL thanks to you, our fans! We knew this community would do great things, but never realized how rapidly you guys would take action.

    - I first want to bring your attention the Defenders Store, a web interface to post your Items for for sale (Mana). Novus... Wow! We can not even begin to tell you how impressed we are (and a little jealous we didn't do it first). You have won the official support of Trendy. I want to make it clear to all you guys out there that this site is not created, developed, or maintained by Trendy. …

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  • Ltearth

    The Sixth Sense (Dev Blog!)

    November 14, 2011 by Ltearth

    Well here we are at Dev Blog Number Six! I just want to talk to people about how awesome of a deck we've been dealt. We no longer have to resort to screenshots for pictures of content from the game. We no longer have to use low resolution images of familiars or towers. We now have access to all of the content in Dungeon Defenders. So here is my request to all of you graphic design savvy people out there.

    Please help update the images on the Wiki by ripping out the models from the Dev Kit.

    Here are some rules though:

    1. Please do not upload many of them at once. This is so we don't have unused pictures sitting in the Wikia. Please update the picture you are updating as you upload them.
    2. Make the name of the image meaningful. If you are uploading a …
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