Menno NiSuTe

aka Menno NiSuTe

  • I live in The Netherlands, Breda
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Dungeon defenders, IT student.
  • I am Male-ish
  • Menno NiSuTe

    While i previously thought i would continue on the challenges i finally got my phone to send me the photo's by e-mail, think i'll be using an actual digital camera next time for better quality ... guess it's about the thought that counts.

    Then again, with the lupcomign patch on the Xbox 360 it might be wasted time, then again (lol) i've got to much time on my hands this week still anyway.

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  • Menno NiSuTe

    Already been a bit busy today on i think it was 3 challenge details and putting it in a nice template that's already there and make good use of it, a Nightmare spot to put in the Nightmare difficulty would be nice but i'm just using the templates that are already there, since i'm playing on the Xbox 360 myself i don't even have the option of doing maps on Nightmare mode yet.

    Also the mobile rewards, is something that i don't really care about but then again to make the wiki look more neat and organised and stuff ... i guess the holiday's are taking to long haha, maybe missing school a bit.

    Still have the rest of the challenges to go through, then again there is always tomorrow, since i've only slept 2 hours last night it will probably come to …

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