All these formulas were and are being discovered by VzioNARY

This guide is for console/mobile only as PC got an update making tower upgrades more useful.

I've finished mapping all the Towers that belong to the Squire. The mechanics are as follow:

  • Each tower has a base health, base damage, base attack range (which is mostly acquiring range), and a base attack rate. Each tower also has a scaling number for each of those stats, sometimes more than one per stat.
  • The formula for the health is the same for all real towers (squire & apprentice)
    • Total = Base_Health * Health_Multiplier * Constant_1 * Constant_2
    • The total is then rounded down to form an integer (5127.9 will give 5127 and not 5128)
    • The Constant_1 is called GlobalTowerHealthMultiplier and it's equal to 1.68 (as of the latest version of the devkit).
    • The Constant_2 is the GlobalPhysicalTowerHealthMultiplier and it's equal to 1.0.
    • The Health_Multiplier is the part where it takes the stats of the hero.
      • For this part of the formula, the game needs 5 constants and the Health Defense Stat from the Hero.
      • The first 4 constants are: StatMultInitial_DefenseHealth, which is 0.5. StatExpInitial_DefenseHealth, which is 0.0924. StatMultFull_DefenseHealth = 0.75 & StatExpFull_Defense_Health = 0.57.
      • The last constant is the Tower scaling itself, which is called Health_Multiplier_Exponent.
      • The Health_Multiplier is in 2 parts:
        • Hero_Scaling = 1 + 0.5 * (MIN(1 + Health Defense Stat, 4)^0.0924 - 1) + 0.75 * ((1 + Health Defense Stat)^0.57 - 1)
        • Health_Multiplier = Hero_Scaling^Health_Multiplier_Exponent
  • The Level Up mechanic is really simple: as a tower is upgraded, it scales the hero stats again, but with an added number. A level 0 tower is as written above. A level 1 tower adds 2 to each defense stat (BEFORE the calculation). For example, if the a level 2 hero has 3 in health defense (0 in the other stats), a level 1 tower will calculate every as if the hero had 5 in health, and 2 in all the other stats.
    • Level 0 = 0 to all stats
    • Level 1TowerUpgraded 1 = 2 to all stats
    • Level 2TowerUpgraded 2 = 5 to all stats
    • Level 3TowerUpgraded 3 = 12 to all stats
    • Level 4TowerUpgraded 4 = 22 to all stats
    • Level 5TowerUpgraded 5 = 36 to all stats
  • This means the higher the stat, the less is the gain while upgrading (there is still a gain, but it drops really fast on certain towers).

Tower Name Base_Health Health_Multiplier_Exponent
Spike BlockadeSpike Blockade 420 1.0234*
Bouncer BlockadeBouncer Blockade 300 1.0
Harpoon TurretHarpoon Turret 250 1.04
Bowling Ball TurretBowling Ball Turret 280 1.04
Slice N Dice BlockadeSlice N Dice Blockade 320 1.0
*(This one might be faulty, but it works so far, the content browser doesn't reset values if you edit them)
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