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The Warping Core Challenge Mission Pack is downloadable content for the PC that was released on 24th November, 2011.

It contains 4 new Warping Core Challenges on 4 different maps. Originally, the Warping Core Challenge only took place in the Magus Quarters.


Part 1 takes place in the Castle Armory.

Part 2 takes place in the Hall of Court.

Part 3 takes place in the Royal Gardens.

Part 4 takes place in the Endless Spires.

Note that the full Zamira set (even at mythical quality) gives a 33% stat bonus, similar to Transcendent quality armor.

Zamira The Enchantress (a fairy) is a one time reward (for each difficulty level) for completing all four levels of the Warping Core Challenge Pack, and her stats are proportional to the difficulty level on which all the levels were completed. Zamira is awarded upon return to the tavern. Unlike Fairies awarded in Survival or purchased in the tavern, Zamira's heal speed can be upgraded to 8 rather than the typical 6.

On Nightmare difficulty, when completing all Warping Core Challenge maps the player will be rewarded with all 4 versions of Zamira (The Weak, The Enchantress, The Powerful Enchantress and lastly the Godlike Enchantress).


  • Towers should be placed as close to the spawns as reasonably possible as crystals can warp relatively close to the spawn points.
  • Keep an eye out for Wyverns evading your defenses.
  • As always, check during the Build Phase to track where Ogres spawn.
  • Strength Drain Aura can greatly reduce the damage Ogres deal to towers and the crystal.
  • If there is not enough DU for a Strength Drain Aura, focus on upgrading the towers where Ogres will spawn to increase their longevity (possibly less effective if stats are high enough).


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