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Winter Wonderland is known for being one of the hardest maps in the game. Winter Wonderland is a DLC map created for the Holiday. At the end of last wave, 4 Mega Snowmen willl spawn along with 4 evil heroes. These enemies have a large amount of health, with 500 million health and 500 to 1.5 billion health respectively on Nightmare mode.


Winter Wonderland drops two kinds of coal dependant on the difficulty played.

  • Small coal on Medium, Hard, and Insane
  • Standard coal on Nightmare
  • No coal is rewarded for completion on easy.

88 Standard coal can be crafted into a Diamond familiar, while only 44 small coal is needed to create the Small Diamond familiar. The small Diamond is weaker than the standard Diamond, and the standard Diamond is therefore much more desired.

The Diamond familiar is one of the strongest familiars in the game with a stat cap at 800 with the Animorphic Ember being the only familiar to have the potential to be stronger at a cap of 825.The Diamond has a level requirement of 100.

Awards for completing map on Nightmare Hardcore Campaign:


The Skeleton on Treadmill is rewarded by completing wave 35 on either Survival or Pure Strategy mode.


  • This map can be extremely challenging for new players.


Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland You survived the onslaught of the Holiday Guardians!
Nightmare Winter Wonderland Nightmare Winter Wonderland You survived the onslaught of the Holiday Guardians... on Nightmare!
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