Wyverns are flying monsters which follow a straight-line path to the Eternia Crystals. This makes them vulnerable to correctly placed towers. Often, a map will give a warning before they start to spawn.

If a wyvern is aggroed by a hero or physical defense, they will shoot fireballs at them/it from a distance. Wyverns never aim fireballs directly at crystals; although their fireballs can still damage cores.

The Death From Above challenge has wyverns of different sizes (the largest size is called "Super Wyvern") and speeds as the main enemy, with an occasional Ogre.


Wyverns can only be targeted by Ethereal Spike Traps or towers that shoot projectiles, such as Harpoon Turrets, Spider Minions, and Apprentice/Adept towers (excluding Magic Blockade). Auras and other traps can also affect wyverns within their effect radius. Players may need to build a few defenses where they can specifically deal with the them. Heroes with melee weapons can jump to hit wyverns when they get close to ground.

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