The Wyvern
Attack: Ranged, Element Specific
Special: Flight, Spit Fire
Introduced: Original Creature

WyvernIconEasy WyvernIconMedium WyvernIconHard WyvernIconInsane WyvernIconNightmare

Wyvern are monsters that may fly above traditional defenses, directly along a set path towards the Eternia Crystals. This makes them vulnerable to correctly placed towers. Often a map will give a warning before they start to spawn.

The Death From Above challenge has Wyverns of different sizes (the largest size is called "Super Wyvern") and speeds as the main enemy, with an occasional Ogre.

Strategies Wyverns can only be targeted by certain towers. These are harpoon, magic, fireball (does not work on wyverns with fire resist), deadly strikers, archer minions, spider minions (needs confirmation) and auras. Apprentices, huntress, monks, series EV, jester with apprentices or huntress weapons, and summoner with pets (close-ish range), and their gender counterparts (if they exist) are good at dealing with wyverns, leaving the squire, countess, barbians, jester with squire weapons, and summoner with no pets at disadvantage.

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